4 Foods We Should Avoid Before Having S£x

Food and sex are intrinsically linked in our lives. According to the experts who study the way our minds work, s£x and food also engage the same areas of the brain that complex network of neurotransmitters, nerves, hormones, and other chemicals that are responsible for not only sexual desires but other powerful physical responses, such as how you taste and react to food. S£x and food both cause cravings. They both trigger the same reward centers in our brain, especially when we enjoy them. Before having sex, endure you avoid these 4 foods.

1. Low-carb veggies could give you big-time gas.

We all know that a bowl of chili or a burrito stuffed with refried beans is a terrible idea anytime you’re out with someone that you plan to spend the night with. That’s because legumes are packed with oligosaccharides indigestible sugars that the body can’t easily break down. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the extra digestion needed to process these foods is what makes them known fart factories.

2. Alcohol may be ruining your s£x life.

Many people call alcohol the ultimate social lubricant. Throwback a few beers or an of couple shots and you’ve got more game. You’re calmer and more secure with people you don’t know that well and you’ve got fewer inhibitions. But all the factors that make alcohol seem like a perfect option before sex obscure the fact that, after a drink or two, alcohol can spell trouble for your sex life.

3. Even a small order of fries can be a major buzzkill in the bedroom.

Next time you and your significant other are craving some late-night fries, consider this: A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who eat French fries regularly don’t live as long as those who eat them less often.

4. Chewing gum can leave you feeling bloated before s£x.

You might think popping a piece of gum before any sort of make-out session is a smart thing to do. But, well, you’d be wrong. As WebMD explained, the simple act of chewing a piece of gum repeatedly can cause you to also swallow air. That can leave you feeling bloated and gassy two things nobody wants to experience before s£x.

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